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Land Whisperer offers products and services for what life is all about, enjoying the Great Outdoors. The “Secret Garden” is a dynamic outdoor showroom of unique products for “Enhancing Outdoor Living”. We are located in the “Alley” at the Walton Mill adjoining Ian Henderson’s Antique Mall at 600 Broad Street, Monroe, Georgia 30655. Look for the whirligigs! The inspiring environment is a must see destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Furnishing your environment with unique and beautiful creations is an area that we excel in. Come see our awesome array of fountains and bubblers, furniture, sculpture, fire pits, statuary, wall art and accessories for your outdoor spaces. The native wildlife loves our beautiful bird houses, bird baths, feeders and items for attracting exciting native action.

Beyond our exciting retail space, Land Whisperer has decades of experience transforming spaces for those who want to enrich their outdoor hours, we have the creativity, expertise, equipment and resources to have you spending more of your precious time enjoying the outdoors in your one of a kind outdoor space. Your land or your lot is a valuable extension of your kingdom, let us help carve out your dreams on this land. Functional outdoor spaces are a perfect place for recharging your batteries in today’s high paced multi-tasking society. Quality hours enjoyed outdoors are necessary for your health, happiness and well being.

What is your idea or vision for your outdoor living spaces? A pasture, a comfortable patio or outdoor kitchen, a garden, a mountain retreat, a new trail? If you are unsure of exactly what to do with your acreage or that little corner of your yard, Land Whisperer can collaborate with you to develop or renovate that under utilized space into an integral part of your enriched outdoor lifestyle. Check out our products and services page to see the scope of our offerings. You can also click on the carving page to see samples of our artwork and architectural details.

The Land Whisperer approach uses your own resources first whenever possible. We strive to repurpose existing materials, rock, timber, soils and plants as we construct terrace gardens, raised beds, walls, outdoor structures and other landscape elements. This logical approach saves you money on materials and also creates the most natural feeling spaces by utilizing what is locally right there on your land. If this approach is not an option, Land Whisperer can provide rock, aggregate, fill dirt, top soil, fine lumber products, fencing, pavers, plantings or whatever materials are necessary to complete your ultimate outdoor space. Consulting and project management services are always available for all phases of land development and construction.
Our projects encompass a broad portion of North East Georgia, parts of Western North Carolina and the up country of South Carolina.
Give us a call or an email, Land Whisperer is ready and eager to begin your personal space metamorphosis.

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